Detailed Boat Rockerz 255 Review 2021:Should You Buy?

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No matter what quite music you enjoy, we will all agree that owning a pair of decent headphones is important . Whether you enjoy understanding consistently or casually going about your day, playing music into your ears can have an enormous impact,this Boat Rockerz 255 Review,can help you to pick a best earphone


It’s been shown to scale back frustration, improve motivation and even reduce fatigue in some situations. Most of all, it just makes everything more enjoyable; i feel we will all agree thereon .

No matter if you call them headphones, earphones, earbuds or headsets, they’re just about all an equivalent thing. However, there’s literally thousands of various options, styles and makes to settle on from.

If you’re like most, one among the primary places you’ll look for your next pair is Amazon. they need a huge selection of headphones of all kinds during a wide price range; from stupidly expensive to incredibly affordable. If you’ve landed here, you’ve likely already heard about the boAt Rockerz 255. They’re (one of) the foremost popular, top-rated “earphones” in India today. Today we’ll be taking an in depth check out them, examining all of their features and determine whether or not they’re deserve a sale or not. Let’s start .


By taking one check out the boAt Rockerz 255, you’ll likely notice their slimmed-down design. Each earbud is at the top of one wire, amid a “hook” design.

Each tip angles slightly inward and works in conjunction with the silicone ear hook that wedges into the contour of your middle exterior-ear cartilage. the only flat wire links both earbuds together and accompanies alittle inline controller and charging port. It’s a reasonably common, basic design but it works well.

Included within the box may be a short micro-USB cable, the headphones and a couple of sets of additional (smaller and larger) silicone ear tips. this is often everything you would like and zip extra, which is sort of standard for a pair of earphones during this price range.

Moving forward, you’ll likely immediately notice that every earbud boasts a magnetic back. this is often a pleasant feature since the wire is to be worn round the backside of your neck.

While wearing it during this manner, the magnets can clasp together and make somewhat of a necklace out of the entire unit. this suggests keeping them on while not in-use is straightforward .

On the wire, you’ll notice an inline controller. it's three buttons, an integrated microphone and a micro-USB charging port. The “plus” button turns up the quantity or skips to subsequent track. the center “circle” button is that the multi-function button.

this will be used for answering calls, turning the facility on/off or activating voice-controlled smartphone assistants like Siri, Google Now and Cortana. Lastly, the “minus” button adjusts the quantity down or skips to the previous track.

Comfort and Fit

Wearing the boAt Rockerz 255 is sort of comfortable. However, the primary thing you’ll want to try to to is configure the ear tips. they are available out of the box with medium sized tips, but slightly smaller or larger ones also are included.

 If you are feeling just like the fit is loose, try sizing-up the ideas to the most important ones. desire they’re too tight? plow ahead and switch out for the littlest ear tips. Once you decide on the proper-sized tips, you’ll be glad you probably did . the proper ones won’t create discomfort but also won’t make the earbuds fall out on their own.

 the bulk of individuals will find that the default (medium-sized) tips are an excellent fit. But we must say, it’s nice that boAt included a spread of sizes so everyone can tweak their fit their liking.

Moving on, we feel that the earhook design is sort of nice. It works well in conjunction with the soft silicone tips to make a comfortable attachment to your internal ear .

consider them almost like an earplug with a touch extra “grab”. Wearing them, they feel snug and wiggle-free; ideal for understanding and/or vigorous movement. due to this, we’re considering them “sports” headphones, even as the title of the Amazon listing states.

Sound Quality

With any pair of headphones, sound quality is probably going the foremost important factor. Once you’re proud of the way they fit, pair them to your smartphone and begin using them. to try to to this, simply power them on and they’ll immediately enter “pairing” mode.

At this point , browse your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings for nearby available connections. Find “Rockerz 255” on the list and they’ll quickly connect.

Playing music through them for the primary time is exciting. We played a good sort of music and located that overall, they supply a pleasant sound-profile. Everything from modern-day hip hop to old fashioned rock and roll appeared to sound great.

 The mid and high tones were where they really excelled, but the low tones were slightly lacking. What we mean by this is often that the bass wasn’t as strong, vibrant and powerful as we had hoped it might be.

They claim that they produce “super extra bass” but we just couldn’t accept as true with this. Likely thanks to their small size, the bass was there, but it wasn’t rich thorough .

 To be fair, most in-ear headphones have a troublesome time replicating real bass, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to us.

Vocals and acoustics sounded appropriate. We loved the way that the majority music sounded through them, but when it came to dubstep or songs with notoriously punchy bass, they appeared to fall a touch short.

To be fair though, this isn’t really a deal breaker for us. We’d agree that the low tones and bass was “good enough” considering the low price-point that this pair of headphones comes in at.

You aren’t getting studio-quality or audiophile-grade sound, but it’s perfectly suitable for understanding at the gym or taking a jog at the park.

Battery Life

How long can the boAT Rockerz 255 play music for before they have to be charged up? The manufacturer states a “quarter of a day” which might be 6 hours. We wanted to carry them to the present to ascertain if it had been truthful.

First, we plugged-in the micro-USB charging cable and allow them to sit on the USB wall charger for a full three hours. Afterwards, we played music through them at a moderate volume and continuously had it going until the battery began to offer us trouble.

To our surprise, 6 hours past and that they were still playing music. However, at 6 and a half hours, we received a “low battery” warning. 10 minutes later and that they were dead.

Having tested the battery life ourselves, we were pretty impressed. We achieved over the 6 hour estimate we initially expected, but not my much.

Still, 6 hours of continuous playtime is plenty for many scenarios. the interior 110 mAh battery seems to try to to well in providing them with many run time. However, do confine mind that this battery isn’t serviceable. 

What we mean by that's that you simply cannot change it out once it permanently dies. Realistically, this probably won’t happen until over thousand charge-cycles, but it’s something you would like to know .

Rechargeable batteries simply don’t last forever. To be fair though, 99.99% of wireless headphones have an equivalent quite internal lithium batteries.

Wireless Range

Once the Rockerz 255 are synced to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device, wireless range is a crucial consideration. What we mean by “wireless range” is that the distance you'll go between the paired device and therefore the headphones before they cut-out.

The manufacturer advertises a 33 foot or 10 meter range, but we would have liked to check this for ourselves. In our findings, we found the 33 foot estimate to be quite accurate.

Once we stepped over the 30 foot range, lag become an annoying issue. Music would become choppy and eventually, stepping past 40 feet, they completely disconnected.

We performed this test in an open environment, but once we tried it with obstacles and a wall in-between, the range suffered immensely. If you can’t keep a line-of-sight connection, just know that you simply may experience lag after 20 feet.

Truthfully, the range seems about accurate with what we expected.  we’ve reviewed many different sets of earbuds and headphones. 33 feet is about the standard average you'll achieve while utilizing Bluetooth 4.1 technology. 

Although Bluetooth 5.0 technology is out there on the market, it’s harder to return by and not truly a requirement for many . We feel that the Bluetooth version 4.1 protocol is sufficient for a budget-friendly pair like these.


Since the Rockerz 255 are engineered for sports and workouts, it’s nice to ascertain than boAt included IPX5 waterproofing to stay them safe and out of harms way. What this suggests is that they’re shielded from sweat and lightweight amounts of moisture.

Ultimately, you'll rest assured getting them drenched sweat or rainwater, but don't expose them to full submersion in water. So basically, don’t take them swimming or within the shower, but light amounts of rain and sweat can easily be repelled. While we wouldn’t exactly call them water-PROOF, we’d wish to ask them as water-RESISTANT.

As far as build quality goes, they appear to be built quite well. Everything is sturdy and solid, although the standard of the plastic doesn’t seem to be the simplest . It’s ok , but we might still recommend “babying” them; don’t drop them from far heights, smash them on the bottom or drop weight on them.

They’re simply not made during a rugged manner. we might have loved the inclusion of a storage case to stay them safe, but we understand that including one may have ultimately effected the worth that they sell for – which in itself may be a nice bonus.

Final Words

Available in black, neon, blue or red, we appreciate tons of things about the boAT Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Headphones. They’re packed filled with a spread of nice features and appear to excel in only about every aspect.

Sure, they don’t provide the simplest bass we’ve heard, but we’ve concluded boat rockerz 255 review helped you ​.

Battery life is an awesome 6 hours and charging is quick and straightforward . The way they fit is additionally a pleasant bonus as they’re lightweight yet ergonomically shaped during a way that keeps them cozy for long listening sessions. beat all, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to take a position in a cheap pair of headphones that don’t break the budget.